Marsh Lake

Oct 9, 2017 View this panel for the full lake

Google Earth Nov 26, 2015. Grayish patches are hardwoods

Some morphometric and water chemistry data
From the Jack Lake CHMC/NSDH Report (1986):

morphometric data
water data 3 lakes

So these are quite different lakes. Sandy Lake is  relatively deep,  Marsh Lake is shallow, and Jack Lake is very small and acidic. Sandy Lake and Jack Lake are deep enough to stratify (according to Brylinski, 2002, such lakes are larger than 1 ha and generally >3 m depth for brown-water lakes and >6 m for clear-water lakes). Jack Lake is a brown water lake, Sandy Lake has very little colour, Marsh Lake, some. Sandy Lake, but not Marsh Lake and Jack Lake receives waters from storm sewers.


Peverill’s Brook/Marsh Lake
Upper Peverills Brook runs between Sandy Lake and Marsh Lake, Lower Peverills Brook fror March Lake to the Sackville River. The video shows pieces of the upper brook with digger logs that the Sackville Rivers Association installed in the brook to improve habitat for salmon; and the magnificant views where the brook flows into Marsh lake. August 17, 2017.

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Digger log installed by SRA on Upper Peverill’s Brook

Approaching Marsh Lake on Upper Peverill’s Brook

View from the lake of inlet from Upper Peverill’s Brook

View across the lake. The only sign of civilization is the powerline cut on the horizon

Beware: The carniverous aquatic plant (Utricularia sp) iis abundant in the lake waters!