iNaturalist Project

I have set up a Project on iNaturalist for Flora and Fauna of Sandy Lake (Bedford, NS) & Environs.

Read more about it in this post (May 1, 2019):
Sandy Lake & Environs well represented in iNaturalist Nature Challenge – let’s keep at it!

Twenty-eight people have contributed so far (May 30, 2019).
Update Mar 23, 2023: Now 120 people have contributed a total of 2499 Observations, 599 species!
View List of Observations to Date (Mar 24, 2023) as Web Page | xlsx File

Go to the link to view the most recent stats and pics of all observations, or take a peek at it in the frame below:

There are also these projects:

Sandy Lake Peninsula (Bedford, N.S.)
Sandy Lake Peninsula is located on Sandy Lake, Bedford, Nova Scotia. The land is owned and managed by Sandy Lake Academy, access by permission. It supports a spectacular stand of Eastern Hemlock with some trees in the “Cathedral” area over 200 years of age.

Birches of Sandy Lake & Environs (Bedford, NS)
I have been having difficulty distinguishing with confidence between Yellow Birch and Paper Birch for some individual specimens in old mixed and hardwood forest at Sandy Lake and Environs (Bedford, Nova Scotia); most are very large trees. I suspect some of these are hybrids. So this project is set up to collate observations on birches generally in the area with a focus on the large birches.

Big Trees of Sandy Lake & Environs (Bedford, Nova Scotia)
To document locations and DBH ( Diameter at Breast Height) of trees 50 cm (~20″) and larger at Sandy Lake and Environs (Bedford, Nova Scotia), photos included. Where diameters are estimated, trees with estimated diameters of 19″ and larger are included. Many past observations (2017-2019) still to be entered.

The Cathedral

and the tag SandyLakeAquatic to bring up aquatic species on their own