Big Trees & Ash

Approximate tracks on Sep 20 and 22, 2019.
The arrow is to a white ash visible from the powerline. View it on iNaturalist
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Map on iNaturalist Big Trees of Sandy Lake Project
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Below are lists of Big Trees as I encountered them walking clockwise, or in one direction, on the routes shown above. eH=eastern hemlock, rS=red spruce, yB=yellow birch, sM=sugar maple, rM=red maple, ash=white ash, MtB=mountain birch. Dbh is the diameter at breast height in inches –  the asterisked values were determined by measuring circumference and dividing by pi, others were visually estimated.

All have been entered in iNaturalist; see photos by going to the project Big Trees of Sandy Lake & Environs, zoom in on map to the area above (north of Marsh Lake) and click on a bubble to bring up an individual record. Then click on the species name to bring up the photos.

Big Trees on Route A

Big Trees on Route B

Big Trees on Route C1

Big Trees and white ash on Route C2

Big Trees and white ash on Route C3

More on the (still developing) methodology:
– Forests> Big Trees
– Forests> Forests north of Marsh Lake> C1 hemlock forest