European Frog-bit

From Love Your Lake: Sandy Lake Values Survey and Lake Summary Report
Love Your Lake is a program of Watersheds Canada and the Canadian Wildlife Federation. Year Assessed: 2022:

European Frog-bit was found on Sandy Lake.

European Frog-bit is an invasive aquatic plant known for its rapid growth and ability to form dense floating mats. It reduces biodiversity by blocking sunlight for other plants and eventually crowds out native species. Established colonies can die off, drastically reducing the water’s oxygen content. The plant has small round or heart-shaped leaves, the undersides of which are purplish-red and contains a spongy material, enabling it to float. It produces a white single flower with three rounded petals. Please reduce travelling speeds when accessing areas with European Frog-bit, as boat wakes can dislodge plants enabling new growth. Careful inspection and cleaning of boats, trailers and other recreational equipment is essential to remove any plants, animals and substrate before entering a new waterbody.