South of HPR 20Aug2020

On Aug 20, 2020, I checked out a few sites on watercourses south of Hammonds Plains Road that feed into Sandy Lake via Johnson’s (Bob’s) Brook, notably in sub-area 12 of the Bedford West Secondary Planning Strategy (see page 11 in that doc showing Bedford West Development sub-areas).

I walked portions of those watercourses, took photos and measured Electrical Conductivity (EC) of surface water, also I checked EC of surface waters at a few points north of Hammonds Plains Road.

Electrical Conductivity Measurements Aug 20, 2020. The coloured part of the map is within the Sandy Lake watershed.
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There is a large wetland in sub-area 12 and the stream flowing north from it goes through a hemlock lined, steep sided stream corridor; the land east of it is a recovering clearcut. The water EC was high (567 uS/cm) in the stream which was flowing but barely (it had been very droughty).  EC was likewise high in the wetland a short distance upstream, and high (700 uS/cm) in water coming out of the northern-most of two culverts on the east side of Larry Utech Blvd (Kearney lake Road).  No water was flowing out of the other culvert. This suggests that the high EC/salt content is coming from the tributary draining land west of sub-area 12. It all needs to be followed up when there is higher streamflow.

The area is currently mostly undeveloped, but has  been designated for development, re: the Bedford West Master Plan, so it important that the watercourse is protected. The area is also significant as a wildlife corridor.

Photo & Video Album: Sandy Lake (Bedford, NS) Watershed: south of Hammonds Plains Road Aug 20, 2020
Photos are GPS-tagged and you can view locations directly in this Google Photo Album

Large wetland in sub-area 12 (DSC09999.JPG)

Site where photo above was taken, looking south- most of the wetland is not visible in the photo above.


Hemlock-lined stream corridor downstream from the large wetland in subarea 12


A, B and C are sites observed on Aug 20, 2020. There is a large culvert but there was no water at C (it had dried out). Streams identified on the PLV are highlighted.

Forest Development Stage, highlighted stream overlaid (not a precise fit). “Establishment” are clearcuts in early 2000s

Recent Clearcuts – 2003

2012 New development on east side

Early 2020

Nova Scotia Imagery Layer added to Forest Development Class Layer on PLV. A lot of the open land in ‘the Triangle’ has been approved for development.  What needs to be kept to protect hydrological regimes and wildlife corridor?

The larger area