View upstream from Lucasville Road bridge over the Sackville River. Photos were taken on Nov 4, 2019
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View downstream from Lucasville Road bridge over the Sackville River, Hefler Lumber on left

View upstream/under bridge from Hefler Lumber

View downstream from about 200 m above Lucasville Road bridge

View upstream from the bottom of Webber Lake

View across fish ladder by Hefler Lumber showing sharp drop in the river over bedrock.

View of fish ladder by Hefler Lumber

The photos below are a sequence as I ziz-zagged down the drumlin towards the Sackville River from approx. mid-way up

Hardwoods mid-way up drumlin on south/southwest side of Sackville River

Stump of large tree in area now predominantly hardwoods (presumably more mixed at the time it was cut)

Large hemlock blowdown in mixed forest, prob Hurricane Juan. Three approx 2.5 ft dbh

In mixed woods: yellow birch and hemlock (“Acadian Forest Love Affair”)

Hemlock close to 3 ft dbh

Another large hemlock, further down towards river

Predominantly hemlock forest as the river is approached


Hemlock by the river

Riverscape -floodplain forest with more hardwoods on the north/northeast side across the river.

“Steps” in the Sackville River

One step

Close to the river looking uphill in an area where there has been quite a bit of cutting and  some rill erosion

Stump close to the water