Upper Peverill’s Brook


Photo Albums

  • SL: Marsh Lake/Peverill’s Brook
    Aug 17, 2017
  • Locations of the new beaver lodge
    and the 4 dams on Aug 3, 2018
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    Sandy Lake Bedford Beaver Dams on Upper Peverill’s Brook Aug 3, 2018
    Sandy Lake has no beaches in 2018, the water level about 2ft higher than normal, and higher mid-summer than anyone can remember. The reason: the beavers have been busy on Upper Peverill’s Brook, with 2 solid dams and 2 developing, plus a new lodge. Some photos from Aug 15, 2017 (next set) have been inserted to show differences between the 2 years.

  • Upper Peverill’s Brook Aug 15, 2017
    These photos were selected from a large set taken onAug 15, 2017, to provide some landscapes along the brook for comparison with the state of the brook in 2018.