A: Wabanaki Forest Tree Species

From Forest Walk Notes:

A. It’s a Wabanaki (Acadian) Forest, with all major tree species represented

Conifers/softwoods: White Pine, Red Spruce, Eastern Hemlock(*), Balsam
Fir; lesser: Black Spruce, White Spruce, Tamarack.
Deciduous/hardwoods: Red Maple, Sugar Maple, Yellow Birch, Paper Birch, American Ash*, American Beech*, lesser amounts of Red Oak, Ironwood
Subcanopy hardwoods: Striped Maple, Witch Hazel; some Mt Maple
*Tree species threatened by exotic pests

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– On the terms “Wabanaki” & “Acadian”

Trees of the Acadian Forest: Identification
NS Gov Doc

Norris Whiston’s Hardwood, Shrubs, and Nature’s Dynamics of the Maritimes and Northern New England (June 25, 2020 Version; PDF, 12 MB)
32 page well illustrated document. Pages 1-22 highlight diagnostic features of common hardwood and shrubs. Pages 22 ff are on “Nature’s Dynamics”.
May be downloaded for individual use. View more of NW’s Guides on nswildlfora.ca