Fallfish, Semotilus corporalis


According to Hebda, for NS this species is “accidental introduction – did not persist”

Hebda, A.J., 2019, List of Fish found in the Freshwaters of Nova Scotia: A review of the taxonomy applied to these specieswith synonyms used in the literature relating to Nova Scotia including Mi’kmaw names for fish, Curatorial Report No. 108, Nova
Scotia Museum, Halifax, 100 pages

Comment by BVG to KR May 2, 2023:
“There’s an old and only record of Fall Fish for the Province for the Sackville River,  not sure if anyone has really followed up on that, they are close in appearance  to our native creek chub.  Large mating schools of creek chub would be spawning in the brook now, I have observed them many times when the water gets around 12 degrees. Always wondered if there are still Fall fish in there.  The males get the beautiful nuptial tubercles.”