The Marsh Lake Dyke

Views of the dyke

I had viewed Marsh Lake from south of the lake  in 2017, but it wasn’t until Oct 9, 2019 that I walked some of the northern shore. I did so with a friend, Bob K.,  from the NS Wild Flora Society.

We got there via a powerline to the north, passing through hemlock dominated forest as we proceeded south down the slope of a large drumlin.

As we approached the lake, we entered into some low lying damp forest and then, just before we reached the marsh that borders the lake, we encountered what seemed to a be a dyke or levee.

It is 2-3 m wide;  on the marsh side it rises up about 2 meters from the wet marsh, on the forest side about a meter from the forest floor and supports some very big white pine and hemlock… Read more

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