Hello world!

The Intro describes what this website is about.

As it stands, the website is essentially a working document rather than a finished product. I have posted it now because there is information that is important to share now rather than later (notably on the state of Sandy Lake), also to get feedback, e.g., on my understanding of the current status of Sandy Lake and Environs as described in the Overview, as I develop the website.

There are still substantial additions to be made, but the Overview covers the main topics at least in outline.

The section on Lakes, which deals with water quality/limnology, is complete. As with any page, updates and editorial changes will be ongoing.

I have indicated which pages still have a lot to be added, e.g., by “More to come” and so on.

The Overview provides the whole story in outline, the rest of the website, supporting documentation and additional resources.

– David P, January 13, 2018.

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