Presentation on “A natural history perspective of the forests, wetlands and surface waters of Sandy Lake (Bedford) & Environs” available on YouTube

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“By popular request”, I have posted a video incorporating the slides and accompanying audio of my Dec 6, 2018 presentation to the Sackville Rivers Association on YouTube. (I had previously posted a PDF of the slides; the video with audio is the “popular request” part. Thanks to Karen R for editing the audio.)

View: Natural History of the Forests and Surface Waters of Sandy Lake (Bedford, NS) & Environs (YouTube)
1 hr 9 mins. Links to 5 separate segments of the video are given below.

From the description for the talk:

Thurs Dec 6, 2018: A natural history perspective of the forests, wetlands and surface waters of Sandy Lake (Bedford) & Environs

Place & Time: 7pm at 45 Connolly Rd #206, Middle Sackville (the SRA offices)

Description: As a volunteer contribution to the efforts of the Sandy Lake Conservation Association to protect the ecological integrity of Sandy Lake and environs, David Patriquin conducted extensive observations on plant communities and surface waters of Sandy Lake and environs (including the Jack Lake lands and lands around Sandy Lake and Marsh Lake) over the interval June 14, 2017 to the present. His objectives were “to describe ‘what you see on the ground’, identify significant ecological attributes of the area, and make some assessment of existing or potential threats to the ecological integrity of the area.” David will provide a virtual tour of Sandy Lake and Environs and present his major conclusions about what he now sees as a major ecological and recreational asset for HRM.

David retired from his position as Professor of Biology at Dalhousie University in 2008. Since then he has been active several natural history and hiking groups with a focus on the Chebucto Peninsula.

The video is 1 hr 9 mins long, but of course you can stop anywhere and flip back and forth.
Here is a rough description of the contents

Part 1, 0 to 25 minutes:
Introduction & Travelogue.
Also available as a separate video (25 min)

Part 2, 25 min to 33 min, 31 sec:
Objectives, Methods and Overview
Also available as a separate video (~ 8 min)

Part 3, 33 min 31 sec to 47 min 50 sec:
State of Surface Waters
Also available as a separate video (14 min)

Part 4, 47 min 50 sec to 58 min 23 sec
Also available as a separate video (~ 11 min)

Part 5,58 min 23 sec to 1 hr 9 min (~ 12 min)
Challenges, Recreational Opportunities, Discussion
Also available as a separate video

PDF of the Slides (16 MB, 73 slides)

From the slides:
(Click on images for larger versions)

An overview of what a Sandy Lake Regional Park can provide

The historical context

On why we need to add 1pprox 1000 acre to the existing HRM owned lands – Historical (slide above this one; – To protect the Sandy Lake to Sackville River watercourse (this slide); and to protect wildlife corridor (next slide, below)

A concept of how recreation and conservation can be integrated, and the incredible recreational opportunities

Magnificent trees, magnificent forests

Magnificent lakes, streams and wetlands

and some scenery…

Secrets of an old Acadian forest

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