Getting to know Sandy Lake & Environs

Bedford Lions Sandy Lake Park was described in 2013 as an “unknown gem” even to many who live in Bedford.

Perhaps the beach area is getting better known, but there’s lots more to explore.

It’s hard to find maps, but not trails and most are quite easy to walk, many to bike.

I have assembled what I have learned about locations of trails and access points through my own excursions and from others (as reported on websites) and posted it at Recreation > Access & Trails.

So why not check some of them out?

The forests are cool and refreshing on hot days, the power lines make for especially nice walks in the fall. I think it is hard to get lost, but I suggest taking a compass and/or smart phone with land maps (a hand compass is always advisable). Also lots of water and a snack; a phone is always advisable in case of an accident or other health issues.

Prepare to get addicted to exploring new areas as I did a year ago. After approx. thirty excursions I still have new places to explore!

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