Springtime in the woods by Sandy Lake

Glorious, simply glorious
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1: yellow birch
2: hardwoods, forest floor with abundant
wild lily of the valley
(Maianthemum canadense);
pit and mound topography
3: interrupted fern
4: shadbush (Amelanchier sp)
5: hobblebush
6. sugar maple
7: hobblebush
8: white birch
9: starflower
10: Rhodora (our native azalea)
11: Sandy Lake beach
12: sugar maple
13: painted trillium
14: striped maple
15: wild lily of the valley in flower
16: cucumber plant
17: painted trillium (in flower) amongst
blue-bead lily (not yet in flower)

Heard but not seen: ovenbird, a good indicator of undisturbed forest/forest interior.

Update: ‘Got it, a few days later. On the ground, not chirping:

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