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Sandy Lake Bathymetry
Map by Ed Glover, 2006

Watershed Maps

Sackville River Watershed – Subwatersheds & Google Map*

Existing and proposed parks & protected areas of Sandy Lake & Environs: overlap with 5 subwatersheds*

Sackville River Tributaries Map & Peverill’s Brook

Major streams of the Sandy Lake sub-watershed
*These maps include Google Earth maps on which I have sketched in watershed and park boundaries (by combining the maps in Photoshop layers and tracing boundaries), i.e. these boundaries are approximate.

Park Concept

Map A: Sandy Lake (Jack Lake) Regional Park Request
Map extracted from Sandy Lake Conservation Association and Sackville Rivers Association submission to the Halifax Green Network Plan implementation public process (2017 documents on on SLCA website)

This map has been slightly revised and improved (Jan13, 2019).
See Updated Map .

Marsh Lake Lands
Off-site Parkland Dedication Request – Marsh Lake Lands, Bedford, Halifax Regional Council August 4, 2015. View extract from HRM doc

Sackville Flood Plain/Sandy Lake Regional Park Concept Map
MAPC 1971

Lake Bathymmetry

Sandy Lake Bathymetry 1600 | 600
From Paul Mandel, MSc thesis, Dalhousie University, 1994: The effects of land use changes on water quality of urban lakes in the Halifax-Dartmouth region

Marsh Lake Bathymetry: 1200 px | 600 px

Jack Lake Bathymetry: 1600 px | 600 px

Sandy Lake Bathymetry: Ed Glover Map | Data (.xls)
Units are in meters. Map is TIN interpolated output; raw data in .xls file. Data collected by Ed Glover in 2006

DNR Maps

DNR Landscape Maps
These screen captures from the NS Landscape Maps Viewer show forest development class, species etc. for Sandy Lake and Environs

Sandy Lake and Environs on Crown Land Grant Map,Index Sheet No. 66, Halifax County
Courtesy of Beth McGee. The full index maps are available online

Development & logging

Google Earth Images showing clearcuts by Sandy Lake 2004/5 to 2016/7

Global Forest Watch Maps of Sandy Lake & Environs, Bedford NS
Scree captures from Global Forest Watch Maps showing changes in forest cover in Sandly lake and Environs, 2001-2016.

Development & Logging in a portion of Sandy Lake Watershed 2004-2016
Screen captures from Google Earth Maps

AECOM 2014 Report

List of Figures
Figure 1. Watershed Boundary and Project Study Area, page 2
Figure 2. Local Communities and Service Areas, page 3
Figure 3. Wetlands and Forest Cover, page 7 7
Figure 4. Bedrock Geology, page 10
Figure 5. Surficial Geology, page 11
Figure 6. Groundwater Recharge in the Sandy Lake Watershed, page 12
Figure 7. Constraints page 19
Figure 8. Sandy Lake Total Phosphorus – Current Conditions
Figure 12. Scenario 1 – Existing Land Use Conditions, page 35
Figure 13. Scenario 2 – Future Land Use Conditions, page 36
Figure 14. Scenario 3 – Future Land Use Conditions with Removal of Septic Systems near Sandy Lake and Removal of Uplands WWTF, page 37
Figure 15. Scenario 4 – Future Land Use Conditions Scenario 3 with Advanced Stormwater Management, page 38