For some background, view The case for Sandy Lake-Sackville River Regional Park goes to Halifax RP+10
Post, Apr 30, 2020


Sl-SRRP Initial Submission to RP + 10
April 24, 2020


– All in one document

– The separate documents:

Appendix A Map 1 SL-SRRP New Boundary January 2020

Appendix AA 5-Acre By-law

Appendix B Dean and MAPC 1971 maps

Appendix BB Corridor Maps Sandy Lake – Sackville River

Appendix C 1979 MAPC map

Appendix CC Combined WHY 1800 plus In a Nutshell Why January 2020

Appendix D Studies reports on Sandy Lake Area April 24 2020

Appendix DD 2012 July 23 Sewer Oversizing Contract

Appendix E Report Quotes re Sandy Lake Park April 2020

Appendix EE Talks With Scientists and Planners

Appendix F Dr Patriquins report summary

Appendix FF 1994 Env Sensitive areas map

Appendix G Avian and Species at Risk – SL-SRRP March 2020

Appendix GG Halifax Needs a Tree-Retention By-law

Appendix H SpeciesListrev8MMay2019-1

Appendix HH Sackville River Watershed

Appendix I Lakes of Sandy Lake- Sackville River Regional Park Patriquin

Appendix II Excerpts AECOM 2014 Sandy Lake Watershed Report – lake protection

Appendix J Quotes from How Our Health …Biodiversity

Appendix K Sandy Lake Sackville River Regional Park 2020 Planning studyAppendix L Access points Sandy Lake Sackville River Regional Park 2020

Appendix M Excerpt Rhea D. Mahar history

Appendix N Archaeological Sites 1

Appendix O History of Protecting Sandy Lake (on website) 2019

Appendix P Excerpt 2 Rhea D. Mahar balm

Appendix Q Groups protecting Sandy Lake Area – history

Appendix R Councillors SL-SRRP territories 2020 w names

Appendix S Our HRM Alliance Sandy Lake one of 3 hot spots to preserve

Appendix T How to Protect Your Lake

Appendix U Summary Clayton trade offer 2018 – 2019

Appendix V Regional Plans re Sandy Lake Mistake – historcal summary 2020

Appendix W 2015 August re 160 acres acquisition

Appendix X About 2015 Conceptual Map

Appendix Y developers lands

AppendixZ Land Acquisitions History at Sandy Lake