Thurs July 5 at 7 pm: SRA Trails Presentation

Walter Regan talks about the Bedford Sackville
Greenway Connector in 2009

From the Sackville Rivers Association:

Join us at 7pm Thursday, July 5th, for an overview of the SRA involvement with trails from the start to now. David Waugh will lead us through the 25 years of work on the Fort Sackville, Bedford Sackville Connector Greenway and the Sackville Greenway and honour those involved in establishing these trails.
Then our Guest Speaker, Dawn Neil, of the HRM Active Transportation group will present an HRM perspective on trails with a focus on the north-western portion of HRM. Dawn has extensive experience on trails and liaison work with close to 2 dozen trail groups in HRM. She brings a practical, down-to-earth perspective on building and maintaining trails – a ‘lets get ‘ err done’ approach.

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