Seasonal Monitoring

Observations by Bruce Sarty
Last updated Jan 8, 2021. Thx Bruce

Seasonal EC values for 3 sampling sites

EC (Electrical Conductivity) of four stream sites was monitored at approximately monthly intervals through 2019 and 2020, and continues.

A lake site was monitored on the same schedule beginning in 2020 and continues.

Results for the Lake, the Southern  Inlet and the Northern Inlet in 2019 and 2020  are shown at right,

The Southern Inlet receives waters from several streams  which merge at Murphy’s pit.

These streams drain settled areas in below and above Hammonds Plains Road and to the west in the vicinity of Gatehouse Run.  The Northern Inlet receives water from Karen’s Brook (aka NW Brook) which drains a lightly settled area to the northwest of Sandy Lake.

Values for both inlets differed in absolute magnitude, but exhibited broadly similar seasonal patterns with distinct peaks in March and Oct of 2019 and July of 2020. The July peak suggests a significant portion of the salt is entering the streams via groundwater discharge (view Kelly et al., 2019). The lower lake values (top chart) in early winter months are likely associated with winter stratification/ice-melt, i.e. they are not representative of the lake as whole.

Original Field Observations

The Northern Inlet is “Karen’s Brook” in the table below. The Southern Inlet is Site 7.



New Series. Lake and Karen’s Brook

Karen’s Brook (lake frozen) Mar 5, 2022
March 5, 2022: 167 at 3.1 C
March 6, 2022: 176 at 21 C
Lake & Karen’s Brook Apr 3, 2022
Variable          Lake            Karen’s Brook
Temp                11.6 (19.5)*          7.3 (19.2)
EC                      206 (215)          148 (156)
Lake & Karen’s Brook June 1, 2022
Variable          Lake            Karen’s Brook
Temp            16.7 (19.5)          14.2. (19.2)
EC                 233 (234)            152 (159)
*Values in brackets are after holding overnight at room temperature.