Question called, and Motion passes!! The Halifax Green Network Plan has been passed at Council!!!

A festive group greeted Councillors this am
including Lisa Blackburn
(Middle/Upper Sackville, Beaverbank, Lucasville,
3rd pic down)
& Lindell Smith (Halifax Peninsula North, 4th pic)

So reads a final Tweet from this morning from Our HRM Alliance.

View Council eagerly approves Halifax Green Network Plan by Yvette D’Entremont in the StarMetro Halifax (Aug 14, 218) for more details and comments by Walter Regan of the Sackville Rivers Association.

The sequence of Tweets from @OurHRMAlliance:

56m56 minutes ago
HRM Planner Ben Sivak is here to present the final draft of the Plan and to introduce the background. “There has been 3 rounds of public engagement, the State of the Landscape Report, and this is the first time we’ve been able to look at HRM as an entire landscape.”

54m54 minutes ago
Sivak – “The Halifax Region has incredible assets in wilderness and recreation. The intent of this Plan is to build on these assets and protect what we have here.”

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Tues Aug 14, 2018: Rally to support the Green Network Plan

Our HRM Alliance Photo

From OurHRM Alliance:

“Join us on Tuesday, August 14th at 9:00 (ish) to show your support for the Halifax Green Network Plan!

“The Green Network Plan will FINALLY be going to Council that day at 10:00AM. We want to be there with signs, smiles, and support to ask the 16 Councillors to vote YES to pass this incredible plan. The Councillors typically begin arriving around 9:00, so pop by while you can during that hour, or come and stay the whole time!

“We’ll be having a sign-making party the night before at Ecology Action Centre. Either make your own sign, or borrow one of ours for the day!

“There will also be a crew of people attending the Council meeting to watch the presentation and debate and show our support. Feel free to join for this as well, if you’re interested. Want some more info about the Green Network Plan? Check out

View Facebook Event Page

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Multiflora rose, an invasive that crept up on us in Halifax, NS

Rosa multiflora climbing over trees in
Lower Sackville, Jul 7, 2018.
Click on photo for larger version.

A colleague from my Dal days had a question for me: is the white rose I have in my yard an “invasive”?

He had been cycling the Grand Pre to Blomidon route in The Valley and had seen a white rose climbing over trees. He was already battling what looked like the same species growing over his garage from a neighbouring property and had another, smaller plant in his own yard. Is it “invasive”? Should he take it out?

These are question others in the Halifax area may be asking. I can’t offer definitive answers – any discussion of invasive species, even amongst ecologists*, – can be surprisingly intense – but I can offer a perspective as I have been following the advance of multiflora rose (Rosa multiflora) into the Halifax area for a while. I have also made some efforts to control it in a few areas. Continue reading

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Beavers responsible for the high water level in Sandy Lake in the summer of 2018

Near the top of Upper Peverill’s Brook
on Aug 15, 2017 (above)
and Aug 3, 2018 (below)
Click on image for larger version

I had noticed there was no beach at Sandy Lake Beach Park during earlier visits in June and July of 2018 and wondered how long it would take for the lake to drop to the level I had seen in the summer of 2017.

A week or so ago Bruce S. told me why it hasn’t dropped: beavers have been building dams on Upper Perverill’s Brook.

I couldn’t wait to have a look.

With Derek S., I had made a trek down Upper Peverill’s Brook on Aug 15, 2017. We were then able to take my good ship Lollipop (an inflatable Sea Eagle FastTrack kayak) only into the upper reaches of the brook for a distance of about 160 m from the entrance on Sandy Lake, and that with some grounding.

On Aug 3, 2018 we repeated the route, but this time it could be paddled with ease for about 360 m into the brook except for having to lift the kayak across three dams on the way.

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Halifax Green Network Plan goes to Regional Council soon

HGNPThe Halifax Green Network Plan, under development since 2014, was released on June 21, 2018 and on June 19 went to the Community Planning and Economic Development Standing Committee (see Agenda) wherein Walter R’s words, “it passed with flying colours”.

The next step is for it to go to Halifax Regional Council, possibly on Aug 14, 2018. Stay tuned!

Also view:

– A letter from WRWEO/The Bluff Trial supporting the HGNP highlights special assets of the proposed Sandy Lake Regional Park.

Our HRM Alliance applauds HRM for “excellent” draft of Halifax Green Network Plan
Press Release, Our HRM Alliance, June 25, 2018

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New Domain Name:

As the address
has been proving awkward, I set up an “add-on domain” for this site and now it can be reached from the domain name

It can still be accessed at Once into the website, it reverts to the longer web addresses, a limitation I am having trouble fixing.

However, it should be easier to remember or to pass on as the address to land on the home page.

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Thurs July 5 at 7 pm: SRA Trails Presentation

Walter Regan talks about the Bedford Sackville
Greenway Connector in 2009

From the Sackville Rivers Association:

Join us at 7pm Thursday, July 5th, for an overview of the SRA involvement with trails from the start to now. David Waugh will lead us through the 25 years of work on the Fort Sackville, Bedford Sackville Connector Greenway and the Sackville Greenway and honour those involved in establishing these trails.
Then our Guest Speaker, Dawn Neil, of the HRM Active Transportation group will present an HRM perspective on trails with a focus on the north-western portion of HRM. Dawn has extensive experience on trails and liaison work with close to 2 dozen trail groups in HRM. She brings a practical, down-to-earth perspective on building and maintaining trails – a ‘lets get ‘ err done’ approach.

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Getting to know Sandy Lake & Environs

Bedford Lions Sandy Lake Park was described in 2013 as an “unknown gem” even to many who live in Bedford.

Perhaps the beach area is getting better known, but there’s lots more to explore.

It’s hard to find maps, but not trails and most are quite easy to walk, many to bike.

I have assembled what I have learned about locations of trails and access points through my own excursions and from others (as reported on websites) and posted it at Recreation > Access & Trails.

So why not check some of them out?

The forests are cool and refreshing on hot days, the power lines make for especially nice walks in the fall. I think it is hard to get lost, but I suggest taking a compass and/or smart phone with land maps (a hand compass is always advisable). Also lots of water and a snack; a phone is always advisable in case of an accident or other health issues.

Prepare to get addicted to exploring new areas as I did a year ago. After approx. thirty excursions I still have new places to explore!

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Pamphlet promotes formation of Sandy Lake Regional Park for Halifax

Click on image above to view a low-res
web version of the pamphlet

The organizing committee for the Sandy Lake Regional Park Coalition has produced a colourful, fact-filled, four page pamphlet promoting formation of a Sandy Lake Regional Park for Halifax.

The pamphlet outlines the history of the proposal for a Sandy Lake Regional Park, cites reasons why such a park remains highly appropriate, and lists the current members of the Sandy Lake Regional Park Coalition. Some beautiful colour photos speak many additional words.

View a low-res web version here.

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Halifax Green Network Plan released June 21, 2018 looking good

The Final Draft of the The Halifax Green Network Plan, under development for several years,  was released on June 21, 2018.

The Halifax Green Network Plan (HGNP) was initiated in 2015 shortly after the adoption of the 2014 Regional Municipality Planning Strategy (Regional Plan). The 2014 Regional Plan directs the creation of the priorities plan to: “…protect and preserve connectivity between natural areas and open space lands, to enable their integration into sustainable community design, to help define communities, to benefit the Municipality’s economy and the physical health of its people, and to reflect and support the overall purposes of this Plan.”- from Item No. 15.1 Community Planning & Economic Development Standing Committee June 21, 2018 

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