A salmon jumped right out of the water in Sandy Lake!

Modified Sep 27, 2019

About 10 days ago, a salmon was sighted in a “classic pose” jumping right out of the water at Sandy Lake.

I am told that grilse have been caught over the last two years – as by-catch of fishing for small mouth bass; they are returned.

As I was told the story 2nd or 3rd hand and reported initially, I understood that the fish observed jumping was an older salmon, but that stands corrected. Says the Observer: “I’m certain it was a grilse—not an adult salmon. It jumped clear of the water and I happened to be looking in that direction and saw it in perfect profile. After having fished the diminishing stocks of NS rivers for years I’ve spent a lot of time scanning the water for signs of these fish and a with a clear, clean leap it’s easy to recognize the species.

Peverill’s Brook close to where it flows into
Marsh Lake. The “digger log’ was installed by
the Sackville Rivers Association in 2012.
Pic on Aug 17, 2017.
Click on image for larger version.

Regardless, it is good news, and reflects the efforts of the Sackville River Association to re-establish salmon in the Sackville River system. Those efforts have included placing digger logs on Peverill’s Brook.

It also says something good about the habitat and water quality of Sandy Lake.

Welcome Home, Atlantic Salmon!

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