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Nov 2023
Would “thinning areas where harvesting isn’t allowed” as advocated by Forest Nova Scotia reduce wildfire risk? 23Nov2023
Nova Scotia NRR seeking Program Admin Officer 4 (Resource Forester) 17Nov2023
Halifax Councillor requests staff report on plan to address Hemlock Wooly Adelgid threat to Eastern Hemlock in HRM 13Nov2023

Oct 2023
Sunday Oct 22, 2023: Chebucto Moose Field Meeting

Jun 2023
Call for “Hemlock Heroes” in Nova Scotia 15Jun2023
Forest fires rage in Nova Scotia, Premier bans forest activities, but not those of forestry 1Jun2023

May 2023
Nova Scotia NRR looking for “Director of Resource Stewardship” 27May2023
Nova Scotia Environment & Climate Change looking for HWA-OGF Coordinator 9May2023

Apr 2023
More updates from Nova Scotia NRR including Triad info. on Harvest Plan Map Viewer 27Apr2023
Some Ecological Landscape Analysis & Other Updates from Nova Scotia Natural Resources & Renewables 24Apr2023
Soils, Restoring Forests on Abandoned Farmland, Invasive Plants, Agroforestry, & the Forest Triad in SW Nova Scotia 15Apr2023

Mar 2023
Nina Newington on Citizen Science and the hold on harvesting at Goldsmith Lake 10Mar2023

Feb 2023
Why was the Port Hawkesbury Paper FULA not preceded by an EA or equivalent process?11Feb2023

Jan 2023
“New paper out on life cycle #GHG dynamics for different scenarios of forest-based bioenergy in Nova Scotia” 21Jan 2023
Nova Scotia Government: ‘Triad forestry model is complete’ but Landscape-level Biodiversity plan and EA component are still lacking 18Jan2023
Tues Jan 10, 2023: “The Chebucto Peninsula and Moose Habitat Connectivity”

Dec 2022
Celebrating Winter: “Ask an Elder: What do you call the winter months in the Mi’kmaw language?” 21Dec 2022
Will the PCs deliver on their promise to implement Triad Forestry in Nova Scotia by year end? 10Dec2023

Nov 2022
Nova Scotia Environment looking for planner to lead achievement of 20% Protected Areas 8Nov2022
NRR’s Peter Bush to talk about Old Growth Forest Policy Thurs. Nov 3, 2022

Oct 2022
Nova Scotia Forestry Economic Task Force wants feedback on opportunites, obstacles…7Oct2022

Sep 2022
Webinar on Healthy Soils – Healthy Woodlands in Nova Scotia Sep 20, 2022

Jul 2022
What’s left to do to implement the Forest Triad in Nova Scotia by 2023? Plenty 13Jul2022