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Drafting June 26, 2023. It’s very hard to find docs on the website as being revised under the PC Gov. I don’t say that as a political statement, just as a matter of fact.

– NRR/Ecological Forestry
– NRR/Forestry/Forest Program Areas/Landscape Planning
“The Landscape Planning group supports:
Development of Landscape Planning
Ecological Landscape Analysis
Old Forest Policy. .. key doc: Old Forest Policy
Old Growth Forest Research
Ecological Connectivity Research and Planning
and Landscape Mapping Products

… I give up, for now at least.
Links don’t work, hard to find things using their search tool. (I was looking for Old Growth Forest Policy.)

Added Nov 9, 2023 (Trying again)
The following menu is copied directly from the NRR website at https://novascotia.ca/natr/forestry/.There is a lack of information about the organization of the department, public relations etc. Many of these pages are quite old, not updated. Not clear where the Triad & related info are listed below.

Item of Note Added Nov 9, 2023:
Registry of Buyers of Primary Forest Products2022 Calendar Year Report FOR 2023-1, dated Sep. 2023


Woodlot Management Home Study Program