Hammonds Plains/Tantallon fires 2023

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Halifax’s emergency system caused confusion, frustration, wildfire report finds
Suzanne Rent in the Hfx Examiner, Oct 16, 2023: Intro in Morning File References a new report: Upper Tantallon Wildfire Lessons Learned (HRM doc for discussion at Oct 17, 2023 Regional Council)


Wildfire Nova Scotia Viewer, viewed 28Sep2023 Total Area 969 ha and 7.2 ha

From Update on Wildfires, June 4 (morning)

Westwood Hills, Tantallon: fire is under control at an estimated 950 hectares and is 100 per cent contained
firefighters on scene include 40 from DNRR, 30 from Halifax Regional Municipality (HRM) and nine from Department of National Defence Containment efforts include a combination of fire-supressing methods including dozer breaks, natural breaks and nearby highways.

Hammonds Plains: fire is under control at four hectares and is 100 per cent contained

Drivers dodge flames and smoke from Nova Scotia wildfire | DRAMATIC VIDEO
CTV: Dashcam video shows the Tantallon wildfire burning in Hammonds Plains, N.S. on May 28, 2023.


Deputy fire chief says Tantallon area wildfire has destroyed 151 homes

Nova Scotia Gov. Map on Facebook

Leading Forest Species in area of fire. From PLV leading Forest Species and Stand Details Layers Turned On. Go to the PLV to view Stand Details. Coniferous stands most prominant. In many of the Red Spruce as the leading species stands, Balsam Fir is second in abundance. Dashed white lines give approx. fire perimeter (re map above).

Map As above, non burned area shaded

Fernow 1912 Map