Kespukwitk Conservation Collaborative (KCC)
“The Kespukwitk Conservation Collaborative (KCC) is a partnership of Mi’kmaq First Nations, Indigenous organizations, non-government organizations, academic institutions, and federal and provincial government departments. We work to improve species at risk and biodiversity conservation in Kespukwitk (Southwest Nova Scotia) through collaborative research, sharing of knowledge and on-the ground actions. The Kespukwitk Conservation Collaborative was established in 2017 in response to increasing recognition of the need for new, innovative approaches that integrate conservation needs for multiple species within an ecosystem-based, adaptive management framework. The approach is strengthened through Etuapmumk, or Two-Eyed Seeing, and acknowledges the benefits of both the Mi’kmaw concept of Netukulimk, and a mainstream science perspective to integrate conservation actions within Kespukwitk.

Women of this Land series on CBC Gem
Women of This Land’ is a 4-part documentary series about Indigenous women in Atlantic Canada and how they connect to land and culture

Dr. Imelda Perley Opolahsomuwehs: Women Of This Land
March 8, 2024. 180 min. In this episode – Dr. Imelda Perley
shalan joudry: Women Of This Land
March 8, 2024|22 min
Darlene Bernard: Women Of This Land. Aired on March 8, 2024. Duration of 22 minutes.
Jennie Williams: Women Of This Land. Aired on March 8, 2024.

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Learn Mi’kmaw with shalan joudry: Tree Names (YouTube Video)
On Community Forests International YouTube Channel, Posted May 8. “We’re excited to share with you the second in a series of short language videos generously created and shared by L’nu storyteller, ecologist, and cultural interpreter, shalan joudry. Indigenous languages and names are closely connected to the land and to place. These deeply rooted relationships are part of many Indigenous worldviews of care and stewardship for the land — relationships that have allowed forests and communities to thrive for thousands of years. We know that Indigenous-led solutions are key for protecting and restoring the Wabanaki forest for future generations; and that these solutions are best understood in their original languages. Here in the Wabanaki’k region, we invite you to learn the local Wolastoqiyik and Mi’kmaq names for its many trees, animals, and plant life. For more about shalan and Nestuitasi Storytelling, visit: