Variable Retention

Variable Retention is sometimes viewed as a slightly modified version of clearcutting.
VR was introduced as a practice for Crown lands in 2018 as an interim practice in the move from clearcutting to Irregular Shelterwood and other more ecological practices.

VR is not amongst the silvicultural practices prescribed in the SGEM, but as of Nov 2023, it is still being practiced on Crown Lands.

Variable-Retention Harvesting (YouTube)
Patrick Culbert – UBC Forestry. A variable-retention harvest at Malcolm Knapp Research Forest.

Jaime Pinzon – Impacts of Variable Retention Harvesting on Biodiversity (YouTube)
“Jaime Pinzon is a Research Associate with the University of Alberta’s Department of Renewable Resources. His presentation looks at how variable retention harvesting affects forest structure and biodiversity, based on work done with the EMEND project.”