This website is a successor to nsforestnotes.ca (Nova Scotia Forest Notes; byline: Can we manage our Wabanaki forest for the benefit all species?“). I launched that website on June 21, 2016, and retired it on June 21, 2022. It was my way of organizing information about forests and forestry in Nova Scotia, keeping up with related items “In the News”, and trying to think critically but constructively about related issues.

It covered the period over which there was increasing public concern abut forestry issues in NS. Those led to the Independent Review of Forest Practices in Nova Scotia; initiated in September of 2017, Prof William Lahey released his report on Aug 21, 2018. That set in motion a series of initiatives to change the way forestry is practiced on Crown lands in Nova Scotia which are still playing out.

A major recommendation was to implement a Triad system of forest management on Crown lands.

How that all unfolds is the focus of this successor website.

For more about the author (me), please see versicolor.ca

– david p