Small Woodlot

Small Scale Woodlot Management and Low Impact ATV Logging
YouTbe Video by ForestConnect. A large percentage of woodlot owners want or need to be more active in collecting logs or firewood from their property. Many foresters find more owners with smaller parceling seeking assistance. On many properties, there are too few acres or too few trees to attract a commercial-scale operation. In other cases, the owner just wants to be more closely involved in the selection, felling and moving of the wood. This presentation will address the why, when and how of small-scale woodland management. Particular emphasis will be placed on strategies for using an ATV to safely move logs and firewood. Presented October 20, 2010 by Dr. Peter Smallidge, Cornell University Cooperative Extension, Department of Natural Resources.

Nova Scotia Woodlot Management Home Study Program
NS Gov. Module 1 PDF date 2005-03023, Module 13: 2008-05-05 So not updated for may years but a still excellent series.