To subscribe to new posts
I have had difficulty setting up a subscribe tool on this website. However, I copy the beginning to each new post onto which has a well-functioning subscribe tool. (See top right of page, under “Subscribe to Blog via Email”.) So as a makeshift, if you want to be notified about new posts on this website ( , subscribe to

I had planned not to renew the domain on June 21, 2023, but I will keep it going as long this website ( is active. – david p, Mar 14, 2023.

To comment

I do not facilitate comments on this website as it is difficult to limit the spam on the WordPress interface, and experience has shown that if I allow comments, it gets swamped very quickly with spam and very few if any legitimate comments.

As I did for, I invite people to make comments via the Woods and Waters Nova Scotia Facebook Page, where Mike Parker hosts and encourages civil comments and discussion related to forests and forestry in Nova Scotia. He consistently makes a post on WWNS about my posts

So to comment on content on a particular post, check out WWNS to see if it is already posted there, and add your comments.

If it’s not posted there or you want to comment on other content on a page on this website, copy the URL (web address) and make a post about it on WWNS.

Either way, I will likely see it or MP will let me know it calls for a reply and I will join the discussion.

Thx – david p