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The current population of moose in Cape Breton is derived from eighteen Northwestern Moose that were moved to Cape Breton Highlands National Park from Island National Park, Alberta in 1947/48. (The Eastern Moose went locally extinct in Cape Breton in the 1800s.)

There have been two major issues concerning the CB moose in recent years:

  • an overabundance of moose in the Cape Breton Highlands National Park “where the burgeoning moose population has taken a toll on the area’s forests…Moose in Cape Breton have destroyed about 11 per cent of the forest due to the species’ vigorous feeding on young coniferous trees.” (CBC Aug 28, 2017);
  • illegal hunting of moose on Hunter’s Mountain in Cape Breton under the guise of non-licensed but permitted hunting by Nova Scotia Mi’kmaq (view CBC Sep 15, 2017).

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