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Gallery: Wild Flora Species

Click on the family name for a representative photograph of each species that is included in our gallery or click on the species name to go directly to the species page.

Some additional species may be found under Collections. Use the Search Tool to list all occurrences of a particular species on this site.

Botanical terms cited in the descriptions are given as links to definitions or lengthier explanations. See Botanical Terms for a list of all terms and some pages from Asa Gray's Lessons in Botany.

Our long term goal is to obtain high quality photographs of all species in Nova Scotia and for each species, a range of photographs to illustrate characters that are useful in their identification and how the plants and their habitats appear in different seasons. We expect this project will be ongoing for a very long time!

Aquifoliaceae Araliaceae Asteraceae Boraginaceae Brassicaceae Caprifoliaceae Cistaceae Cornaceae Crassulaceae Droseraceae Elaeagnaceae Ericaceae Fabaceae Fumariaceae Hamamelidaceae Iridaceae Lentibulariaceae Liliaceae Lythraceae Menyanthaceae Monotropaceae Oleaceae Orchidaceae Oxalidaceae Pinaceae Primulaceae Pyrolaceae Ranunculaceae Rosaceae