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Pyrolaceae: Pyrola americana L.
(American wintergreen)

American wintergreen is a perennial evergreen herb with shiny, firm, broadly elliptic to almost round basal leaves. Flowers have five white petals 8-10 mm long, sepals are 3-4 mm long, and there are 10 stamens. The ovary is 5-celled and the resulting fruit is a capsule that splits into five valves. Stems (scapes) are 15-30 cm tall with one to several scale-like leaves. It blooms in July and August. The plants grow in dry or moist woods, bogs and on headland barrens. Pyrola americana is indigenous to the northern hemisphere and is found in the eastern half of North America. It is imperilled in Manitoba, apparently secure in Ontario, Quebec and New Brunswick, secure in Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island. Its status in Newfoundland and Labrador is under review .
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Jul. 28, 2005. Digby County: Northern Point, Brier Island. Photographer: Ocotillo.
Pyrola americana Pyrola americana
Pyrola americana Pyrola americana

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