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Orchidaceae: Platanthera psycodes (L.) Lindley
(small purple fringed orchid)

The small purple fringed orchid is a tall (30-80 cm), slender plant bearing a raceme of purple flowers. Leaves are elliptic or oval. The lip of the flower is in 3 parts, fringed, and about as long as wide. The spur is club shaped and slender. The flower tips fade giving a two-toned appearance. These orchids grow in a variety of habitats and wet areas. In Nova Scotia it flowers "around the first of August and continues to mid-month".1 Native to eastern North America south to Georgia; in Canada, from Manitoba to Newfoundland.
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July 25, 2005. Digby County: Brier Island. Photographer: Ocotillo.
small purple fringed orchid

These plants were growing in a previously burned over field.

August 2, 2007. Halifax County: Hartland Point. Photographer: Heather Drope.
small purple fringed orchid

Typical form.

small purple fringed orchid, alba form

Uncommon white form.

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