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Monotropaceae: Monotropa uniflora L.
(Indianpipe, one-flower Indian-pipe)

Indianpipe is an herbaceous plant that is either a saprophyte taking its nutrients from decaying matter or parasitic on photosynthetic plants. This entirely white plant has a single recurved (hanging) flower. At maturity the plant is black and the flower turns upward. Plants often grow in clumps in dark, mossy, mixed or coniferous forests. A related species found in Nova Scotia, Monotropa hypopithys L. (pinesap, dutchman's pipe), has yellowish flowers that grow in a cluster on a single stalk. It is less conspicuous and less common than Indianpipe. Flowering time for both species is July to August. Indianpipe has a wide distribution in North America but is critically imperiled in Alaska, imperiled in Labrador and vulnerable in Alberta. Elsewhere in Canada it is relatively secure.
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Aug 12, 2006. Lunenburg County: Indian Path Common. Photographer: Ocotillo.
Monotropa uniflora,  Indianpipe Monotropa uniflora,  Indianpipe

Aug 22, 2007. Cumberland County: Cape Chignecto Provincial Park. Photographer: Ocotillo.
Monotropa uniflora,  Indianpipe

Growing on a mossy embankment in shaded conferous forest.

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