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Oxalidaceae: Oxalis montana Raf.

Recently used synonym: Oxalidaceae: Oxalis acetosella L.

Woodsorrel is a perennial, evergreen groundcover common in coniferous and mixed forest. It has three basal, clover-like leaflets and solitary, white flowers with reddish veins on long peduncles. It spreads laterally by rhizomes. Pavek describes reproduction as involving "episodes of seedling recruitment as a result of disturbance, such as fire and logging, followed by long periods of vegetative clonal growth. Common woodsorrel forms extensive colonies in boreal spruce-fir forests; however, its colonies rarely exceed several feet in diameter in the northern hardwood forests".1 Woodsorrel is native to eastern North America from southern Newfoundland and Labrador to Ontario and Minnesota, south to Tennesee, North Carolina and Georgia.
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Photographer: Heather Drope. July 29, 2007. Colchester Co.: Salmon River.
Photographer: Heather Drope.
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