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Asteraceae: Solidago flexicaulis L.
(wood goldenrod, broad-leaved goldenrod, zigzag goldenrod)

Growing 20 to 100 cm or more in height, the wood goldenrod occurs in partial sun to shade in rich woods of eastern North America. In Nova Scotia, it is found from Digby Neck to northern Cape Breton, but is uncommon in the southwest and on Atlantic side of the province. The species is distinguished by its zigzag stem and broad, saw-edged leaves with winged petioles. Clusters of flowers are borne on short stalks in axils of upper leaves from July to Sepember.
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Sep. 17, 2008 Cape Breton County: Lone Shieling (Cape Breton Natonal Park). Photographer: JackPine.
Solidago flexicaulis, habitat Solidago flexicaulis, habitat
Solidago flexicaulis, habit Solidago flexicaulis, flowers

Bar is 1 cm.

Solidago flexicaulis, leaf: upper surface

Leaf: upper surface. Bar is 5 cm.

Solidago flexicaulis, Leaf, lower surface

Leaf: lower surface.

Solidago flexicaulis, petiole

Leaf: winged petiole.

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