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Ranunculaceae: Hepatica nobilis var. obtusa (Pursh) Steyermark
(hepatica, roundlobe hepatica)

Recently used synonym: Hepatica americana (DC.) Kerr.

Found in well drained sites in deciduous or mixed forest, this hepatica has distinctive 3 lobed slightly hairy leaves, rounded at the tips, on long hairy petioles. The solitary flowers occur singly on hairy stalks approximately 5 cm tall. They lack petals but have 5-9 petal-like sepals, white though lilac to lavender blue subtended by 3 green bracts; there are numerous stamens and a clustrer of pistils in the centre. The only hepatica in Nova Scotia, it flowers early spring. The species occurs thoughout the eastern U.S., and in southern Canada from Manitoba to Nova Scotia. It is red listed in Nova Scotia. Zinck describes the distributon of hepatica in Nova Scotia as "local and very rare at Bridgewater, New Minas, Windsor, Pictou, Stewiacke, Antigonish and on the North Mountain. Two locations exist near the St. Andrew's River." 1
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May 19, 2006. Annapolis County: Port Lorne.
Photographer: Heather Drope.

Dryish habitat


Brown leaves from the previous year and flowers.

Hepatica flower

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  1. Roland, A.E., Zinck, M. and Owen, E. (1998). Roland's flora of Nova Scotia, 3rd Ed. Halifax: Nimbus & Nova Scotia Museum.