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Cornaceae: Cornus canadensis L.
(bunchberry, crackerberry, dwarf cornel )

Bunchberry is a low growing herb with greenish-white, four-petaled flowers surrounded by four white petal-like bracts. Leaves may be ovate with lateral veins in pairs of two or three coming off the midvein There are usually six leaves in a single whorl below the flower as well as one or two pairs of leaf scales lower down on the stem. The plants bloom in June and tend to grow in colonies, spreading from an underground rhizome and covering large areas in woodlands and scattered through bogs. Many sources say it is a woodland pioneer. The fruit is a red drupe, a much prized food source for birds, mice and chipmunks. This species is wide ranging across North America.
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June 1, 2005. Lunenburg County: Indian Path Common. Photographer: Ocotillo.

June 10, 2006. Lunenburg County: Indian Path Common. Photographer: Keith Vaughan.

August 22, 2007. Cumberland County: Cape Chignecto Provincial Park. Photographer: Ocotillo.

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