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Asteraceae: Anthemis cotula L.
(stinking mayweed, chamomile)

Stinking mayweed or chamomile is a smaller version of a daisy, 10-60 cm tall. The white ray flowers lack stigmas. The yellow disk flowers are composed of hundreds of small, complete flowers in the shape of a central dome. The leaves are glabrous and finely dissected. A useful feature in identification is the aromatic nature of the leaves when crushed. Chamomile blooms from mid summer to September along roadsides, edges of farm fields, and in waste places. A weedy species introduced from Europe, it occurs throughout North America.
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Oct. 4, 2004 Digby County: Brier Island. Photographer: Ocotillo.
Stinking Mayweed

Oct. 18, 2008 Digby County: Brier Island. Photographer: Ocotillo.
Anthemis cotula

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