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Ericaceae: Andromeda polifolia var glaucophylla (Link) DC.
(bog rosemary, andromeda)

Recently used synonym : Andromeda glaucophylla Link

Bog rosemary is a small shrub. The leaves are narrow and inrolled with white hairy undersides. A sharp tip on the leaves distinguishes this species from Kalmia polyfolia (bog sheep laurel), another small ericaceous shrub which can occur in the same habitat. Bog rosemary has pink, bell shaped flowers. Bog rosemary grows in clumps in cool peat bogs in eastern North America as far west as Saskatchewan in Canada and as far south as Ohio and West Virginia in the US. Blooming occurs in early June.
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May 31, 2005. Digby County, Brier Island
Photographer: Ocotillo.

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