“TRADEWINDS: Canadian Navy goes underwater in reef research dive” – Barbados Today 12May2024

Elon Cadogon photographs a bleaching survivor on Vauxhall Reef on Mar 2, 2024 (a CORALL exercise)

An article in Barbados Today highlights “a joint exercise between the non-profit Coral Reef Restoration Alliance (CORALL) Barbados and the Canadian Armed Forces” to map coral reefs on the West Coast of Barbabdos. Dr Elon Cadogan is the scientific leader for the “Tradewinds Dive Track exercise”. Read more on Barbados today.

UPDATE May 14, 2024. There was also an item in the Nation News, print ed. for May 12, 204: “Official eyeing coral bleaching”. From the text:

Concerned environmental specialists, researchers and military officials are keeping a close eye on the magnitude of coral bleaching in Barbados. They are encouraging locals and tourism stakeholders to join in te fight to protect and preserve marine life. During the Descend to defend our Reefs dive exercise at Vauxhall beach, St. James Friday, field lead with Coral Reef restoration Alliance (CORALL) Dr. Elon Cadogan explained how coral bleaching, a world wide issue, could impact the island…Descent to Defend Our Reefs is a two-day collaborative climate change effort which saw the participants cover 400,000 square meters from Vauxhall to Folkestone Beach…

What a great initiative!

UPDATE May 19, 2024: View some posters and photos from the day on CORALL Facebook page

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