Photographs 2015/2016 (mostly at Vauxhall)

Photographs of the Fringing Reef in the Recreational Zone of the Folkestone Marine Reserve, Barbados 2015-2016
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Fringing Reef of the Barbados MPA Recreational Zone.
The Vauxhall fringing reef supports a diversity of fishes and corals and high coral cover in the outer zones, in contrast to fringing reefs elsewhere in Barbados’ Folkestone Marine Reserve.


Acropora prolifera (fused staghorn coral) in Barbados’ MPA 2015
Photos document a cluster of colonies of this hybrid between elkhorn coral (Acropora palmata) and staghorn coral (Acropora cervicornis) at the junction between the Zooanthid and Reef Crest zones of the Vauxhall fringing reef in the Recreational Zone of Barbados’ Folkestone Marine Reserve. It is an ecouraging development. For more perspective, see a recent (2016) report on Acroporoids in Barbados

Squarrose Fire Coral Communities in Barbados
There’s a lot going on inside the boxes created by the Squarrose Fire Coral.