P clivosa on Reef Flat

Specimens observed on Jan 15, 2024

Large mounds of Pseudodiploria clivosa in the Reef Flat Zone at Vauxhall, even only 5-10 m from the beach/ Mean Low Water line – their abundance in the Reef Flat and occurrence this close to shore is somewhat at variance with the description of Lewis (1960) who did not cite P. clivosa amongst species common on the Reef Flat. Rather he described these large mounds as characteristic of the Diploria-Palythoa zone: “Diploria clivosa is the most successful coral occurring in this zone. It forms low encrustations 1 or 2 f t wide up to 6 f t in diameter.”

Above: Circa 5 m from inner edge of Reef Flat

Millepora, Dead from Bleaching in 2023 to left

A. prolifera, Dead from Bleaching in 2023 to left