Fishing Expedition 1

March 18, 2024: I traversed 3 Fringing Reefs, camera in hand hoping to get “some good fish photos”.
The next day I focussed on ‘the little fish’ (see Fishing Expedition 2). Photos and comments as I recorded them in my “Facebook Nature Diary”.

‘Was a perfect day for fishing, clear and calm waters’. Jet skier thought I was spearfishing – in the MPA, which is not allowed. I showed him my camera. ‘Glad they are keeping a lookout. Lack of traps and line is a major reason for the abundance of fish compared to ‘the old days’.

The Route: across 3 Fringing Reefs

Hermodice Worm

Red Bandfish



Orbicella faveolata

Spanish Hogfish

Blue Tang & Hangers-on

Spotlight Parrotfish

On to Reef 33, lots of fish feeding close to wave breaks


Horse-eye Jacks

Corssing the sand to Reef 32: Squid

..Squid go transparent when I chase them

Queen Parrotfish

Cities of Gold…

Moray Eel

Princess Parrotfish


Juvenile Damselfish