Fishing Expedition 2

Day 2: “Some nice fish photos/Focus on ‘the little fish” (mostly less than 1-2 inches/2.5 -5 cm); Vauxhall Reef only. Also View Fishing Expedition 1

Damselfish, prob a Dusky, very abundant on Reef Flat

Juvenile Ocean Surgenfish and Sargeant Major

Juvenile Cocoa Damselfish

Redlip Blenny, very common on Reef Flat

a “Millepora City- Yellow wrasse

Dusky Squirrelfish

Cities.. continued. Small Stoplight Parrotfish; and Yellowtail Damselfish aggressively defends its space.

Blue and Yellow Wrasses; Brown Chromis

Juvenile One-spot Butterfly Fish

Juvenile Banded Butterflyfish