I first went to Barbados (from Canada) as a graduate student based at the Bellairs Research Institute in 1966-1970. Since 2015, I have returned with my spouse for periods of 6 – 12 weeks in the Jan-Apr interval, except in 2021 and 2022. We were back in early 2023 and again in 2024.

I spend as much time as I can with my head in the water, mostly in the area of Holetown, in the area of the Barbados Marine Protected Area. I ‘always make at least one visit to Bath (east coast of Barbados) where I conducted a lot of my PhD research on seagrass beds. I also volunteer with CORALL when I am in Barbados.

This blog/website is a place for me to organize some of my recent, mostly informal observations and related links and literature as I attempt to update myself on the state of Barbados reefs in the field and in the literature,

There has been a lot of high quality science forthcoming related to the Reefs of Barbados since my early days in Barbados, mostly from UWI at Cave Hill, as well as advances in management at the local government level, and in citizen science activities related to the Reefs of Barbados.

Perhaps this blog/website will evolve into something more; or not. It helps me to organize my observations and thoughts; to the extent it can be of interest to others, I am happy.

Currently,  most of the “Observations” are of reefs and reef organisms in the Marine Protected Area off of Holetown on the west coast, with a focus on the Vauxhall Reef observed 2015-2024. I expect to be adding, at some point, descriptions of seagrass beds at Bath on the East Coast.

For more about me, see versicolor.ca.

– David P, Feb 1, 2019; updated Jan 5, 2024