Survivor Corals

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Pseudodiploria clivosa on Big Breakwater, Feb 29, 2024 Pseudodiploria strigosa on Big Breakwater, Feb 29, 2024

Above at left 3 specimens of P. clivosa,  all healthy, lie next to dead corals likely killed by SCTLD/WPD in 2023. Above at right, 3 specimens of P strigosa, one appears totally healthy (top, brownish), two dead, possibly from coral bleaching in 2023

P. clivosa and P strigosa are the most common corals on these surfaces. Also common on The Wreck, and on hard bottom on the reef, especially in the Seaward Slope zone.  Both species were attacked by SCTLD/WPD in 2023, P. strigosa more so than P. clivosa (see AGGRA Rep #11 and McGill Report). This year (2024), I have not seen any P clivosa that looked bleached, but I have seen many specimens of P strigosa that appear to have been killed by bleaching.

Siderastera siderea (Smooth Starlet Coral) in Sesward Slope zone Feb 29, 2024. Next to it, Millepora complanata, most of affected by climate warming in 2023. In general, S. siderea and S. radians (Rough Starlet Coral) seemed to be resistant to the vicissitudes of 2023.

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