Sargassum outlook Jan 1, 2024 – Apr 1, 2024: “mild to moderate ” 5Jan2024

See also Coral Bleaching page,
re: high water temperatures/
coral bleaching summer-fall 2023

Extracts from the latest Sargassum Sub-regional Outlook Bulletin:

“Synopsis:¬†Sargassum abundance in the Central Atlantic is increasing and approaching the Caribbean region.”

“General outlook:¬†Interests in the Eastern Caribbean should expect mild influxes during January and February and a resurgence to moderate levels during March.”

Northern islands: Influxes remain mild, peaking at the end of January. Expect above average influxes from late February throughout March.”

Middle islands: Influxes remain within the expected threshold and generally less than for this period last year. However, expect increased influxes from late March.”

Southern islands: Influxes remain mild throughout the forecast period, though January and early February is expectd to be slightly higher than for the same period last year.

For background info, visit CERMES Sargassum

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