Coral Bleaching

High Water Temperatures/Coral Bleaching
in Caribbean Summer-Fall 2023

From the August 2023 Caribbean Coral Reef Watch Bulletin

Dying coral reefs demand Caribbean takes new approaches
on, Oct 16, 2023 “Severe bleaching and the decline in the number of corals are posing a major threat to the Caribbean. At the start of summer, the Caribbean Institute for Meteorology and Hydrology (CIMH) declared the entire region was under coral bleaching watch or warning, due to the warmer temperatures. For the four-month period of June to September, CIMH predicted “there is high probability Coral Bleaching Heat Stress will reach and exceed Alert Levels One and Two for most of the Caribbean”…”We already have seen coral bleaching but we can expect if we get to 1.5 degrees Celsius that we will see a loss of 70 to 90 per cent of our corals. If we get to 2 degrees Celsius or higher, then 99 per cent of our coral is being lost and that is absolutely devastating and again affects the habitability of our islands,” said the IPCC vice chair…”Even if we adapt there are still going to be loss and damage to those impacts of climate change. Above 1.5 degrees Celsius, some natural solutions may no longer work – so things like planting mangroves, [and] coral reef restoration are not going to be feasible. So we are going to have to work on different ways…Senior climate change specialist of the IDB, Jennifer Doherty-Bigara, while speaking on climate change and poverty reduction supported Thomas’ sentiments. “Coral reefs are bleaching so fast in Barbados, that the solution they would have brought are no longer viable,” she told reporters.”Oct 12, 2023:
Coral Bleaching Alert
Barbados Fisheries Division, Oct 12, 2023 “Due to recent high water temperatures it is predicted that bleaching is likely to occur over the next few weeks.”

AGRRA Coral Bleaching Reports/Interactive Maps AGRRA refers to the The Atlantic and Gulf Rapid Reef Assessment Program.
There are two maps/datasets on Coral Bleaching. Both include observations from Barbados, with photographs.

AGRRA 2023 Coral Bleach Reports
“This map displays all available bleaching data for the current bleaching season (summer 2023). Date information is available in the pop up table for each survey. This map is currently being updated so be sure to check back for the latest information”. Currently there are reports posted for Folkestone Marine Reserve on Oct 6, 2023; and Bajan Queen & Reef, Sep 4, 2023.
All Coral bleach data combined (2017-2023)
“This map displays all available bleaching data from 2017 to present. Date information is available in the pop up table for each survey.”

Sep 2023:
Caribbean Coral Reef Watch Sep 2023
Significant and widespread coral bleaching and mortality expected over the following 2-3 months due to extensive and extreme heat stress across the region
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Largest, hottest, longest Caribbean bleaching: corals dying from extreme heat
By Tom Goreau Oct 14, 2023 on “The entire world is suffering record high temperatures, and the Caribbean is in the forefront of global warming… Decades of progress regenerating corals have been wiped out”

Caribbean sea coral bleaching 2023: Jamaica, Barbados, Belize
YouTube Video on Divingmore Channel

Tracking Coral Bleaching Events Globally Using Reef Check
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