1969 Flora & Fauna

From 1971 Thesis*, Appendix B pp 164 ff

For reference below: Generalized bathymmetry and distribution of seagrasses at Bath in 1969

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For reference, below Distribution of substrate types in seagrass beds at Bath. For description of each substrate type, see Hydrography & Substrates 1969

* The origin of nitrogen and phosphorus for growth of the marine angiosperm Thalassia testudinum Konig.
Patriquin, D.G. 1971. PhD Thesis, Marine Sciences Centre, McGill University, 193 pp. (Available from McGill University) Appendix B includes a general description of seagrass beds in Barbados and Carriacou (Grenada) as observed 1967-1970.

The materials below on flora and fauna are screen-captures from the thesis (pp 179-181) and are not text-readable (‘will replace by regular text on a rainy day). Click within the area for a larger version