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Over the period June 2012 to January 2015, a small group of Nova Scotia naturalists (the “Wildland Writers” collaborated to write articles for the Chronicle Herald under the column Naturally Nova Scotia. In Jan of 2016 we suspended contributions in support of striking the Chronicle Herald reporters who had been so supportive of us. The strike began on began Jan. 23, 2016. We wrote: “We are obviously very disappointed with the CH for not not settling and getting back to being the newspaper of which we were once so proud. In the meantime many of the striking reporters are putting their efforts into the online LocalXpress.” The strike went on a long time, the paper emerged quite changed and we never revived the column

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B97531665Z.120151220165434000G14BUU58.11January 11, 2016: David Patriquin
An unexpected place for life: the rocky intertidal
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December 21, 2015: Donna Crossland
A Merry Christmas to Yew

November 30, 2015: Jamie Simpson
Basic hunting offers challenges

October 19, 2015: Clare Robinson
What’s in a name? Nature

September 21, 2015: Alain Belliveau
Slow decline of stately elms

August 24, 2015: David Patriquin
A love of the natural world

July 19, 2015: Donna Crossland
The world of spectacular swifts

June 29, 2015: Alain Belliveau
Working the woodlot with kids’ future in mind


Spring Beauty in Cape Split hardwoods, mid-May

Spring Beauty in Cape Split hardwoods, mid-May

May 18, 2015: David Patriquin
Spring dance of hardwoods and wildflowers begins
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April 13, 2015: Alain Belliveau
Amphibians spring into action as temperatures rise

March 9, 2015: Bob Bancroft
Mainland moose decline due to poor forest management

Feb.1, 2015: Alain Belliveau
Winter is perfect for perusing old tales of game wardens

deer in Halifax suburbJanuary 10, 2015: Bob Bancroft
Why deer roam close to home

December 6, 2014: David Patriquin
NOVA SCOTIA NATURALLY: Sharing Halifax space with wildlife
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October 18, 2014: Jamie Simpson
Healthy N.S. beech trees spell hope

September 13, 2014: Bob Bancroft
Wealth of fauna call N.S. forests home
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August 16, 2014. Donna CrosslandSaw-Whet Owl, photo by Mark Elderkin
All in a day’s work for the Owl Man
For more about Nest Boxes, see
The Cornell Lab of Ornithology: Attracting Birds With Nest Boxes

June 21, 2014. David Patriquin
NATURALLY: Native species grow on gardeners

May 19, 2014. Donna Crossland:
NATURALLY: Don’t let the music stop

April 19, 2014. Mark Elderkin:
Eagles: Too much of a good thing?

March 29, 2014. Nick Hill and Dave Patriquin:
The forest fires that nature intended

Feb 22, 2014. Matt Miller:
NATURALLY: Deadwood brings forest alive

Dec 14, 2013. Bob Bancroft:
Seed trees determine future of N.S. forests

Oct 26, 2013. Jamie Simpson:
Breathing in the Forest Air

Sep 28, 2013. Alain Belliveau:
An enlichening tale on old forests and air quality

PHOTO BY ALEXANDER WILDAug. 24, 2013. Nick Hill:
Diversity at an ant’s pace, one seed at a time

July 20, 2013. David Patriquin:
Weedy immigrants adorn N.S.

June 29, 2013. Mark Elderkin:
Nova Scotia’s vanishing bats

May 18, 2013. David Patriquin:
Rhodora’s spring colours

April 14, 2013. Nick Hill:
Slow down the water

March 17, 2013. Donna Crossland:
Hemlocks: nature’s pharmacy

February 17, 2013. Bob Bancroft:
Time to think about our wildlife
January 20, 2013. Alain Belliveau:
Getting your feet wet in southwest Nova Scotia

December 16, 2012. Mark Elderkin
A resilient symbol of Canada returns from the brink of extinction

November 25, 2012. Bob Bancroft:
Broken Rivers

Oct. 21, 2012: David Patriquin:
Casting a colourful fall spell in our forests

Sep. 23, 2012. Mark Elderkin:
Voluntary stewardship vs environmental laws

Aug 12, 2012. Matt Miller:
Developing new approaches to ‘silver-culture’
July 8, 2012. Donna Crossland:
How fire has changed our forests

June 10, 2012. Jamie Simpson:
A sublime moment of joy on the shore of a small lake